Obligatory Academy Awards Post

Yours truly with an Academy Award. I was outshone by the woman who showed up wearing a full gown.
Yours truly with an Academy Award. I was outshone by the woman who showed up wearing a full gown.

So yes, tonight is the Academy Awards; Hollywood back-slapping, back-scratching, self-congratulating etc. etc yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. Basically a media event designed and marketed to cater to the manufactured ‘glamour’ that the large studios pretend still exists more than 50 years after it actually has. The luster has long faded, at least for me, but I will watch tonight because it provides ample amusement for the evening.

Naturally, you are all wondering what my choices are. Well, in the tradition of that university professor who so graciously awarded his students two grades (the one they earned and the one they deserved), my predictions for the animated categories will be similarly split, between the real winner, the bookies winner and my personal preference; with justifications for each.

Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post too. Not for the results, oh no, you can find those instantly. Instead, I will discuss two ways how the Academy screws over animation. And I promise that it won’t be pretty.

The Choices

Best Animated Feature

Here you go:

The real winner: Brave – There is no way the Academy will give the award to a movie about video games. Suck it up Gen Yers. Tim Burton is too weird, and the rest lacked the marketing budget and the future potential to sway Hollywood kingmakers.
The bookies favourite: Brave (11/10 from Paddy Power) – Same as above.
Personal favourite: ParaNorman is the best of a relatively mediocre bunch. Although not perfect, it is at least honest and makes an attempt (however small) to move the game on a bit.

Best Animated Short

Here they are:

The real winner: Paperman – Disney, clinical, love; the trifecta for voters. A flawed short that had millions thrown at it and the Disney machine in full force. Too much for voters to ignore.
The bookies favourite: Paperman (2/7 from Willian Hill) – See above.
Personal favourite: I have not seen all the shorts, but Fresh Guacamole by PES is the quintessential short film. A complete story told in a few minutes with lots of ingenuity and heart.