BOW TIE and Poe

Two video-related things this week; namely Michael Sporn’s Poe project and the BOW TIE series of shorts by David Levy.

Firstly, Michael Sporn’s Poe animated feature film Kickstarter campaign is ending tomorrow (Friday). He’s getting close to his goal so head on over and donate a couple of bucks. It would be a great sign of support for a truly independent feature film on a classic American author.

Secondly, David Levy has secretly* been releasing some short animated skits over on YouTube centered around a character called BOW TIE. As Dave says in his blog post on the videos:

…I used my evenings to record new cartoon soundtracks into my iPhone. When I got home I was ready to try out some new ideas and experiment with a blend of characters, stories, and comedy. A month later I had 4 minutes of original cartoons. And, to further connect it to my childhood comic books, I used a character that dates back to when I was 13 years old: BOW TIE.

They’re a great series that throws caution to the wind in order to engage in various, funny, existential scenarios and gags. Let’s just say I watched one and was immediately hooked. The lack of seriousness about them only adds to their charm. Check out the videos here, or head over to the channel to see them all.

*OK, it hasn’t really been secret, but some of us aren’t on Facebook believe it or not.

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