Can the Toyota Production System Be Applied To An Animation Studio?

Yes, it sure can.

For your reading pleasure and perusal, may I present the draft version of the white paper that aims to introduce you to the production process that is in many ways, revolutionary.

The Toyota Production System has long been used to streamline workflow processes at the Japanese car manufacturer. Since it’s introduction, it has been transferred to many other kinds of business, even a hospital!

Seeing as an animation studio is also a production outfit, I decided to explore whether TPS could be realistically applied to one. The answer is yes, and this paper is the result of my investigation.

Since it is only the first draft, please feel free to write in, comment, critique, criticise and offer improvements.

You can download a PDF version here.

Prologue: Applying the Toyota Production System to Animation

This isn’t any sort of official announcement per se but it is a wee peek on what I’m currently working on at the moment in between semesters. The last class I took centered on supply chain management and decision-making and one of the systems we studied was the Toyota Production System, a kind of ‘lean’ setup.

Long story short, we studied how the system was implemented in a hospital in Seattle and it got me thinking as to whether or not it could also be implemented in a studio environment.

Anyways if you’d like to see a copy of the (almost completed) first draft, just drop me a line at charles at animationanomaly dot com

Could The Toyota Production Process be Applied To An Animation Studio?

Via: Edmunds Inside Line

The title of the post is a serious question. Would it be possible to take the world-renowned Toyota Production System and augment it so that it works within the confines of an animation studio?

Before you comment, take note that it has been applied to a hospital in Seattle, so yes, it can apply to service industries too.