Thunderbirds Are Go!

Since I’m on my honeymoon this week, enjoy some of the finer stuff I’ve collected on my tumblelog over the last 4 years or so.

OK, so strictly speaking, it isn’t animation. (It is, in fact, supermarionation). Thunderbirds is, however, a TV show that has yet to beaten in terms of its awesomeness (entire buildings getting lowered into the ground? Heck, only Neon Genesis Evangelion comes close) and it’s theme song is a real classic. Despite its appearance, the show is, in fact, British and continues to enjoy a TV presence there to the best of my knowledge.



Supermarionation! Thunderbirds!

It isn’t quite animation but it’s not quite live-action either. Some great 60s theme music and who doesn’t like explosions? Thunderbirds the series is one of the classics of British TV that has stood the test of time pretty darned well. Just don’t mention the terrible movie from a few years ago.