When Lois Lane Was Cool

Here’s a few GIFs (via) from the Felischer Superman short ‘Billion Dollar Limited‘ where Lois Lane is travelling on the bullion train that is hijacked by hoodlums. They exhibit the quintessential traits of a strong female character; ingenuity, bravery, courage and thoughtfulness.







Your Cartoon For The Day: Billion Dollar Limited

I’ve slowly been watching the Fleischer Superman shorts, and I’ve garnered a lot of respect for them as a result. Check out the one below, where Superman must save a gold bullion train with Lois Lane on board.


Most noteworthy is the fact that Lois isn’t afraid to grab a tommy gun and blast the bad guys. In fact, these series of shorts are the ones that make her stand out as a character. Looks and otherwise!


The Fleischer Superman Shorts, Now Available on Netflix

Via: the Superman Wiki

The other day, while browsing the “Recently Added” section of Netflix, I was pleasantly (although not entirely) surprised to see that the entire series of Superman cartoons by the Fleischer Brothers had been added and were available to instant streaming.

Suffice to say they were added to the instant queue immediately.

Via: Classic Film Freak