Have A Free Minute Today? Go read Letters Of Note.

If you have some free time today (and it’s Friday so no excuses) you should head on over to Letters Of Note. It’s a fascinating site that posts letters sent in reply from famous people. The letter above comes from Richard Williams (who wrote The Animator’s Survival Kit) and mentions how important it was during the production of Who Framed Roger Rabbit that the animated characters eyes were looking directly at the human at all times.

Amongst all the letters is the animation category, which features letters from Walt Disney, John K, Ward Kimabll and so on. Some of the them are from kids asking questions, others such as the famous one from John K. deal with animating skills. Yet others are office memos sent around the studio.

They are all well worth the small amount of time you spend reading them, if not for the advice or historical aspect if for the sheer joy alone of reading them.

On a related note is the Letterheady Tumblelog, which features famous letterheads. There are only a few based on a search for “animation” although that does not preclude more being included under different categories. It’s another great site which I recommend you check out as well.

Below is the letterhead for Chuck Jones.