Animation Articles 05-2020

A selection of the best animation news, opinions, and features from around the world for the week ending February 2nd, 2020.

FOX and Universal Sued Over Simpsons Theme Park Ride

Via: The Simpsons Wikia   I’ll admit that legal matters tend to make my ears prick up for reasons that are still not entirely clear but I couldn’t help but be slightly amused when I read this story. A few years ago, both FOX and Universal were full on beating the drum about the opening […]

Apparently Lady Gaga Doesn’t Like Animation

Via: TBI This just in, yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter among others posted that Lady Gaga has won an injunction against a parody creation from Mind Candy called Lady Goo Goo. The reason? “Lady Gaga argued that the character would confuse consumers.” – AWN There’s a couple of different aspects to this decision but all spell […]

Canadian Court Upholds Animator’s Copyright Claim Against Cinar

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that Quebec Court of Appealhas upheld a previous ruling against Cinar (the forerunner to Cookie Jar). The case involves Claude Robinson and a series he created called Les aventures de Robinson Curiosité. After trying to sell the series with Cinar to other production studios and without any success, Claude was […]

Quick Note: The ‘Lightning McQueen’ Lawsuit

Via: MousePlanet There was an important legal ruling last week that is certainly an important one in the world of animation, namely that Pixar did not rip-off the character of Lightning McQueen from some race driver named Mark Brill. Why would any animator be concerned about a ruling between a hugely successful studio and a […]

Studios ‘Stealing’ Ideas and Why Animators Need to Know Their Rights

Via: This morning, I read over on AWN that some guy, by the name of Terence Dunn, is suing DreamWorks for stealing his idea for Kung Fu Panda. Although everything is still at an early stage, this could shape up to be an interesting fight. This is, of course, the worst fear of many […]