Four Insightful Articles From Animation History

By way of Sherm Cohen’s excellent blog, I learned of the truly fascinating Modern Mechanix blog. A site devoted to all those old magazines that said we would have flying cars and living on the moon by now. Anyway, Sherm has already posted a few articles on his blog but here are four more insightful articles from animation history.

View each article in their entirety by clicking on the images.

How the First Color Cartoons were Made


The Fleischer 3-D backgrounds to be exact.

The Magic Worlds of Walt Disney

A massive (50 page) article in the National Geographic from 1963 that’s all about the man himself and the organization he built with his brother Roy. Quite literally a must-read.

Tron: Computer Technology Goes Hollywood


Your Cartoon For The Day: Billion Dollar Limited

I’ve slowly been watching the Fleischer Superman shorts, and I’ve garnered a lot of respect for them as a result. Check out the one below, where Superman must save a gold bullion train with Lois Lane on board.

Most noteworthy is the fact that Lois isn’t afraid to grab a tommy gun and blast the bad guys. In fact, these series of shorts are the ones that make her stand out as a character. Looks and otherwise!