Five Of Film On Paper’s Fantastic Animated Film Posters

Not familiar with Film On Paper? Well, it’s the extraordinary website of Eddie Shannon and his (very) extensive film poster collection. Every poster has a description and one or more details to highlight interesting parts of the poster.

Naturally there are some animated films in his collection, so here are five I’ve picked to share. There are many more (including my two favourite ones), so don’t be afraid to click through to view the rest.

The Wall

James and the Giant Peach

NausicaƤ in the Valley of the Wind


My Neighbour Totoro


One Look At These Posters And You’ll Visit Film On Paper Too

If you’re not even a wee bit jealous of Eddie Shannon, then you’re clearly not into movie posters.

Film on Paper is his website where he is archiving his entire collection (literally thousands) and it is by far the most fascinating that I have come across. Filled with rare and foreign versions, the site includes a couple of animation ones, nice ones in fact. His ones for The Incredibles are unreleased, which makes them even more awesome (check out the one below if you don’t believe me).

Is this not the most badass poster you've seen for this film?

You could spend literally hours on the site and I absolutely recommend that you do. Movie posters are a fascinating artform in and of themselves and its nice to see them get some love from a devoted collector.