Thank God They Don’t Make Trailers Like This Anymore

Or do they? Decide for yourself:

For comparison, here’s a nicer version (sadly not used):

Here’s a link because the embedding isn’t working. 🙁

And yes, this is the film that resulted from Don Bluth’s studio in Ireland.

Irish Week: Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone pretends to be Irish and the real Irish milk it from the American tourists for all it’s worth. St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday so until then, this post is part of a series on Ireland and Irish-related animation. You can browse the full series here.

Via: Wikipedia

I’m afraid my time has been squeezed for today’s post so instead, I am suggesting you all go out and watch All Dogs Go To Heaven, a film that was (for the most part) produced in Dublin. My memory of it is fairly hazy but feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts on the film. Hopefully we can get a nice wee discussion going. 🙂