Animation Articles: March 15, 2020

A selection of the best animation articles including news, opinions, and features from around the world for the week beginning the 15th of March, 2020.


Pixar Hits a New Low With ‘Onward’ Box Office Debut

FILM SCHOOL REJECTS – Pixar releasing the trailer for ‘Soul’ less than a week after ‘Onward’s debut is a sure sign that this film is a goner. My hunch is that the studio have aligned themselves too much with their earlier hits and their sequels at the expense of perceivable originality. Pixar films all have a ‘sameness’ that is directly influenced by the initial string of smash hits and is over 20 years old at this point. Given competition from elsewhere, Pixar needs a radically new approach not unlike the Disney renaissance of the 1990s if their original films are to recapture the magic.

Bob Iger Confirms ‘Song Of The South’ Won’t Be Added To Disney+, Even With Disclaimer

DEADLINE – His statement is amusingly the response to a question at Disney’s annual shareholder meeting. The film has been locked away since shockingly enough, only the early 2000s but will likely remain that way for some time to come.

‘Frozen 2’ Gets An Earlier-Than-Expected Release On Disney+ To Keep The Kids Amused

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DEADLINE – With schools closing around the world, Disney capitalizes on an opportunity to capture eyeballs that otherwise wouldn’t be available until the summer.


Why did Hayao Miyazaki agree to release Studio Ghibli anime films on Netflix?

Hayao Miyazaki image

SORANEWS24 – The answer to the question WILL shock you.

Mickey Mouse Has His Own Ride, Now It’s Time For His Own Movie

CINEMABLEND – A star of the big screen but in a short sense, Mickey Mouse lacks a film in the more prestigious feature category. Does he deserve one though?

Beware the Leprechauns! (Part 1)

CARTOON RESEARCH – St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. All parades, festivities, and general reasons to have a good time are banned due to the coronavirus so what better way to pass the day than by watching some Irish-ish cartoons that Charles Gardner has dug up.

The House of Mouse: What is the legacy of Bob Iger?

THE BOAR – A more nuanced review of the former CEOs tenure and what it means for popular culture in general. I would mostly agree but worrying about Disney a monopoly is to ignore the competition from a wide variety of alternative forms of entertainment such as video games.

“Song of the South” Animation

CARTOON RESEARCH – Disney historian Jim Korkis writes a comprehensive review of the film in his Suspended Animation column that does a great job of exploring the context in which it was released.

Cool Thing of the Week

The Critic

Yes, funnyman Mel Brooks dabbled in animation and the results are hilarious.

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