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I’m not gonna lie: this is probably about the height of blog activity for this week and next. Because thus begins an insane schedule that includes weddings, an 8-hour professional exam, a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and of course a full-time job to hold down at the same time.

However, November is currently shaping up quite nicely with a trip to the CTN Expo on the cards. Drop me a line if you’ll be there!

News just in – it’s an Irish ‘South Park’ for the post-pub crowd

Icehouse is an offshoot of Brown Bag Films and this is their first outing. Newsbag is about a group of ‘new media’ folks their exploits. The Irish Independent has all the details you need to know, but, this is something to keep an eye on because a) it’s something unique out of Ireland, and b) it’s being broadcast on terrestrial TV and not on the web. Let’s see where this goes.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #439

COMIC LEGEND: A Rugrats character was banned from the Rugrats comic strip because of complaints by the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.


This article is quite informative.

How Danger Mouse became king of the TV ratings

AAA-Danger Mouse

Cosgrove Hall was a powerhouse of animation back in the 1980s, and Danger Mouse was their number one hit. The BBC has this great history of the famed studio.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know 002: Faith Erin Hicks interview

The original hangs right above my monitor.
The original hangs right above my monitor.

This is actually from February 2013 but slipped my radar. It’s a very informative interview with uberly-talented cartoonist, Faith Erin Hicks. The podcast touches on a lot things related to animation including many of the challenges that Hicks herself faced as an animator in Canada. Well worth your time for a listen.

Can Artistic and Commercial Animation Coexist?

Yours truly wrote this guest post over on Animator Island.

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