Week Links 22-2013

Oodles of week links for you today!

Animated Musicals

Richard Leskosky over on the Animation Studies blog has a post that pretty much details all you need to know (in the general sense) about animated musicals. It should be noted that the genre has survived in animated form long after its live-action counterpart all but disappeared.

Written in Water

Mary Mayerson has yet another great observational post about the animation industry and where it is headed. Disclaimer: he references, and agrees with yours truly, but that’s not why you should read the post. Floyd Norman also weighs in with a strikingly accurate comment.

Destroying the Princess Stereotype: Azula


Erin over at the (highly recommended) Gagging on Sexism blog has this great analysis of perhaps the single greatest female character we’ve seen in US animation over the past decade.

Of particular note is the fact that Azula is also a princess but in a polar-opposite sense to what Disney would have you believe they should be.

The Cheapest Animation Studio in the World Will Make You an Animated Film for £25

Alex Williams over on the FLIP blog explores this, apparently true, claim. He also ponders a few questions:

A few days ago an old friend of mine (and a top animator) posted at Facebook about the absurdity of a client asking for him to make an animated film “for a few hundred dollars”. How ridiculous! But I wondered – why is it so absurd? What if we could do animation for such a low price – surely there would be a huge demand for this kind of work? In fact, there are tiny studios springing up doing exactly that – creating animation for a tiny, super-low price.

Literal Disney Video Covers

Hunchback_nice guy finishes last

There’s a whole collection over on the tumblelog of Rainblade

Cooking the Flintstones


The must-follow Yowp blog digs ever further into the history of our favourite pre-historic animated property (sorry Croods). This post looks at how (and from whom) Fred and Wilma got their names. A fascinating post that illustrates yet again how history can get terribly muddled by the people creating it.

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