Week Links 18-2013

Another round of week links that is quite diverse and a day late thanks to a forgotten suitcase.

David OReilly on Timing

Via: David OReilly
Via: David OReilly

Already  a legend in his own lifetime, David OReilly shares with us a series of GIFs from a lecture he did many years ago dealing with the subject of timing in animation. The full series illustrates how timing has changed from the rubberhose animation of the 30s through to the 90s. A must read post.

Animation: Disney’s Artist Tryout Book

Via: Animation Resources
Via: Animation Resources

The Animation Resources site has, as far as I’m concerned, a mandatory read. It’s the handbook given to new employees at the Disney studio from 1938 and although I’ve only given it a brief skim, it will certainly receive much more of my attention at some point in the near future. Just comprehend the following quote:

The value of an animator is dependent upon his ability to dramatize and caricature life, and to time and stage his characters’ actions in an unusual and interesting way. An animator must be a showman- he must know how to entertain an audience, to present a gag, to picture dramatically an ordinary incident. Above all, he must be a sure and skillful draftsman.

I dare you to find a studio that talks about its animators in such terms these days.

The Fleischer Studio’s ‘Setback’ Camera vs. Disney realism

The Society for Animation Studies blog has this rather excellent post discussing the similarities and the differences between two competing technologies that aimed to give animation a 3-D look.

Niko’s T-Shirts


Friend of the blog and independent animator Niko Anesti is putting one option for making money that’s available to him to work; he’s selling T-shirts. Check them out (no pun intended)!

Bob Clampett: Black Cats in Technicolor


Oswald Iten’s truly superb Colourful Animation Expressions blog is having a bit of a celebration…for Mr. Bob Clampett, who would be 100 years young thins year. This is the first of three posts so stay tuned for more.

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