Week Links 12-2013

Some interesting week links for you today.

Sad Jetsons: Depression, Buttonitis and Nostalgia in the World of Tomorrow

Via: Paleofuture
Via: Paleofuture

The Paleofuture blog at the Smithsonian takes a look at one particular episode of The Jetsons wherein Jane suffers from depression and attempts to get away from it all. The post makes a link between the show and the debates that were taking place at the time (1962) about recreational space in America. It’s an interesting post and one that illustrates how animation can reflect on the unnoticeable changes in society.

Back From The Dead

The Animation Guild Blog takes a look at the cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series and ponders the role that fans might play in their resurrection.

Princess Mononoke / B2 / Ashitaka style / Japan

Via:Film On Paper
Via:Film On Paper

If you like movie posters (and who doesn’t), I cannot recommend Eddie Shannan’s Film On Paper enough. This week, he posted the awesome one above for Princess Mononoke. He posts just about one a day so it’s well worth becoming a regular follower.

Tweets of the Week

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Lastly, an alternate Samurai Jack

As part of a school assignment, Canadian Franco Égalité, was asked to come up with a character design. He chose Samurai Jack but decided to explore what it would have been like if it was a female in the lead character role. His creation, Samurai Kiyomi is what resulted. Be sure to click through to visit Franco’s blog and the rest of his awesome work.

Via:Franco Égalité's Blog
Via:Franco Égalité’s Blog