The Place of March 22nd in Animation History

Another unremarkable Friday? Ha! Not a chance. Today, the 22nd of March, actually has a fair bit of animation history to it; more than one would expect anyway. What noteworthy events happened on this day? Let’s take a look.

Birth of Milt Kahl

mostinfluentialdisneyanimators_MIlt Kahl

Yes, legendary member of the Nine Old Men, Milt Kahl was born this day in 1909. If he were alive today, Milt would be celebrating his 114th birthday. The 50 Most Influential Disney Animators blog has pretty much all you need to know about him.

Death of Walter Lantz

The creator of Woody Woodpecker died on March 22nd 1994 aged 94.

Death of Bill Hanna

Via: My usual haunt for all things H-B related, the Yowp Blog
Via: My usual haunt for all things H-B related, the Yowp Blog

One half Hanna-Barbera died on this day in 2001 aged 90.

Premiere of ChalkZone

The second series to come out of Frederator’s Oh Yeah! Cartoons was first broadcast on the 22nd of March, 2002.

Birth of Mort Drucker

He may not be an animator, but his influence on them is certain. The MAD cartoonist celebrates his 84th birthday today.

Birth of William Shatner

Yes, today is International Talk Like William Shatner Day as invented by voice-actor Maurice LaMarche to celebrate the famous actor’s birthday. Today he celebrates his 82nd!

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