Week Links 06-2013

A shortened week links list this week thanks to two unscheduled days of rest that were spent in bed.

DuckTales invented a new animated wonderland—that quickly disappeared


The A.V. Club takes a look at how DuckTales was the massive success that it was, and how it has been all but neglected by Disney since it left the airwaves. A great article but misses the part where Disney bought ABC and exploited the fact that putting shows on your own network was considerably less hassle than syndication.

‘Adventure Time’ actor Tom Kenny on Ice King’s loneliness, tragic past

Voice actor Tom Kenny (no relation) sits down with the LA Times’ Hero Complex blog to talk all about Adventure Time’s misunderstood antagonist. It’s a hefty interview that touches on more than Adventure Time and is full of humour to boot.

Beck’s Last Brew – An Interview with Jerry Beck

Having to rest up on the couch all day Tuesday meant that I missed the bombshell of Jerry Beck getting bought out of Cartoon Brew. Surprised I certainly was but nonetheless wish Amid the best for the future.

That said, the always insightful FLIP blog clearly had the inside line on the story as the very next day, they posted this interview with Jerry where he reveals a few titbits on his time with the Brew and what his plans are for the future.

The Three Kinds of Kids Movie Posters

Canadian website The Sleepy Skunk put out a guide this week the exemplifies yet again how movie posters really do seem to all look alike. Personally, this blogger was surprised by there only being two DreamWorks films in the raised eyebrow category.

By  The Sleepy Skunk via Broadsheet.ie
By The Sleepy Skunk via Broadsheet.ie