Week Links 03-2013

Here’s some of the articles I read this week that you should too!

Independent Producer Nathan Erasmus explains how to get your project off the ground

The always informative FLIP blog interviews Nathan Erasmus about independent films and the not only the struggles and effort behind one, but also the rewards.

Den of Geek on the Disney Renaissance

David Crow over at Den of Geek has a comprehensive review of the films of the Disney renaissance focusing on what made the early films successful and the later films, not so much. I covered a similar topic last week, but David takes a look at the series as a whole rather than just one film.

Permanent Record: Sherri & Terri

Via: The Dead Homer Society
Via: The Dead Homer Society

The Dead Homer Society always makes for thought-provoking analyses of the Simpsons and this post is no exception. Twins Sherri and Terri were the, dare I say, devious, twins that had no problem humiliating other characters from fellow kids like Bart to enterprising restauranteur Moe. This post looks at the characters and their many conniving actions during the show’s earlier series.

Tube Open Movie is Looking for Interns

It’s been featured here on the blog before, and now the Tube Open Movie is looking for interns to help out for the spring. You can find all the details here.

Disney Infinity: No Girls Allowed?

Lei Adeline over at Smart When Shouting has written an excellent post concerning the lack of female characters in Disney’s forthcoming ‘Disney Infinity’ video game/action figure play sets. The depressing reality that Lei breaks down is that the majority of characters available (at least at launch) are aimed primarily at boys:

While girls are certainly welcome to play, with elements from films like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland available in token form, they are certainly not being encouraged to. The lack of properties aimed at them certainly serves as evidence of that, with the Princesses oddly absent, Tinkerbell and her gang nowhere in sight, and even Disney’s “cooler” or more “kick-ass” heroines like Rapunzel and Mulan seemed to have missed the cut.

I concur.

Megan Ferguson’s Cool Teen Girl

Via: Megan Ferguson on Tumblr
Via: Megan Ferguson on Tumblr


she has a purple streak in her hair – WONT CONFORM !

She listens to bands with the guitar in it thats not acoustic – SO METAL

All her friends are guys – SNEAKERS NOT HIGH HEELS U GUYZ

dont mind me just poking fun at this weird trend in animated shows where theres this girl with dark hair and a purple streak whos suppose to appeal to the ’ edgy ’ teens lol.

I’m a sucker for character analyses and I think Megan Ferguson nails it with this tongue-in-cheek look at one from her tumblelog.