Week Links 02-2013

Time for another roundup of week links I read this week and that you should too!

Oskar Fischinger: the animation wizard who angered Walt Disney and the Nazis

The Guardian has a fairly detailed look at the life of artist and proto-animator Oskar Fischinger. He is perhaps most remembered to animation people for his early (and albeit, short) role in the creation of the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor segment of Fantasia.

Murphy’s Irish Stout Commercial From the Late 1990s

Thanks to Danny Spencer for the tipoff, here’s a commercial for Murphy’s Irish stout that’s well, not very Irish looking.

They don’t make ’em like they used to, do they?

Danger Mouse: Natalie Haynes’s guide to TV detectives #23

AAA-Danger Mouse

Another one from the Guardian, our favourite James Bond-esque rodent comes in at no. 23 on a list of TV detectives. A quite detailed article that details exactly why the show is so good and remains popular after so many years.

Who Invented The Golden Globes

Not strictly an animation-related article, but it’s well worth reading this piece by Edward Jay Epstein (a.k.a. The Hollywood Economist) if you don’t know much about the background to the Golden Globes.

10 Girl Cartoons (That Guys Secretly Love)

This list may stray a bit wide of the mark (were the Care Bears really a girl cartoon?) but there are a few shows on it that did manage to cross the gender divide. I’m currently making my way through number 3, which probably makes it not much of a secret any more.

A Skin-Tight Totoro Full Body Spandex Suit

And now, this blog presents to you some nightmare fuel in the form of the ever-loveable Totoro:

Via: The Laughing Squid
Via: The Laughing Squid

Click through to see the [ahem] reverse.

Tweets of the Week

David OReilly up to his old tricks again.

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