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Disney Freaks Out Over Patents That May Mean It Can’t Keep 3Ding Old Movies

In a shocking turn of events, the sale of the remnants of Digital Domain mean that the licensing agreements that Disney had on the patents used to 3D-ify old movies may no longer apply. Fears that the studio may have to stop the practise were quickly proven as the court sides with the patent holders.

Should movies with smoking be rated R?

Erin McNeill discusses the presence of the habit on-screen with animated films coming in for some criticism.

Studio Ghibli Zippo Lighters

Via: Japan Zippo Station
Via: Japan Zippo Station

While we’re on the subject of smoking, how about a Zippo lighter featuring a character from your favourite Studio Ghibli film? I somehow can’t see Disney releasing similar merchandise here in the States.

The Ladies of Comicazi

Four ladies blogging about pop culture = the latest addition to my newsreader.

Google Translate: English to Ned Flanders

Via: The Laughing Squid
Via: The Laughing Squid

Via the Laughing Squid, it’s not real, but I sure wish it was.

A few tweets

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And Finally…

A cute cadet doodle by Nichole ter Horst!

Via: P.S. (Nic ter Horst's blog)
Via: P.S. (Nic ter Horst’s blog)