Week Links 42-2013

This post was, in fact, written on Thursday the result of a full day of travelling today. The week link list is no shorter however as this week has already produced a decent variety of interesting articles on the topic of animation. Enjoy!

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The Key Difference Between Disney and Studio Ghibli

Disney and Studio Ghibli are often compared when it comes to making really great animation. Both continue to push the envelope of what animation is and what it means to tell an animated story. However, both see progress in a different light and go about achieving it in contrasting ways.

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Violet, Viber & Animating A Character

One of the perennial problems with starting from scratch is simply getting your creation in front of actual eyeballs. Sure there is the internet and YouTube, but anyone will tell you that just because anyone can see your work doesn’t mean that anyone will see your work. Communication software maker Viber has created a character called Violet and today, we’re going to look at how she does get in front of real eyeballs and how it’s possible to build an audience for animated content from that.

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Creating Content From the Indepdent’s Perspective

Independent animation has undergone a real transformation over the last decade or so as the drop in the cost of technology was mirrored by the rise of the internet as an entertainment platform. Online video distribution is nothing new at this point, and has become the default method by which creators get their stuff in front of viewers. Irish animator Terry Reilly recently got in touch and his Pegs series of shorts provided a great opportunity to see the game of creating content from the independent’s perspective. Read more

Animation Finance: A few Thoughts on The Inevitable Changes

A short post today, but the topic of animation finance is one that has a direct impact on the animation business. In order to get animation made, it has to be paid for, and unless you’re a multi-milionaire, that means asking someone else to pony up some dough.

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The Animation Anomaly Podcast Episode 6

A wild podcast episode unexpectedly appears!

In this episode:

00:00 – CTN Expo Recap (Simpsons Music 500 Music Ville link)

05:00 – Three Shows That Changed The Way Networks Think About Viewership

08:30 – Three Interesting Documents

11:00 – Do Studio Ghibli films make Pixar look weak?

14:00 – Frozen and Feminism: Bitch Flicks post, my post

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Is Frozen Really A Feminist Film?

Frozen has been released to near-universal critical acclaim praising it as a long-awaited return to greatness for the Burbank studio of the Disney Company. Some reviews and analyses have touched on the film’s greater themes of feminism in light of the twin female protagonists and a dearth of traditional, patriarchal themes. While that may be true, there are other aspects that potentially undermine the Frozen feminist claim.

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Moving Beyond Generic Animation Merchandise

You’re already familiar with what I’m talking about. You know, the generic animation merchandise offered by just about every independent creator and small studio out there. The T-shirts, hoodies, mousepads (do people even buy those any more?), mugs, etc. etc. with a logo/character/catchphrase emblazoned across the front in glorious, exalted fashion. They’re a dime a dozen, and are worth about just as much. So why do so many creators continue to flog them ? How can they move ahead to things that will sell better?

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Why Is Animation Taking a Back Seat in Animated Programs?

When we talk about animated content (films, Tv shows, etc.) unless we’re being specific, we’re not just talking about the actual animation but the entire entertainment package. Today though, we are being specific, because, as great as the current crop of animated TV shows are, the actual ‘animation’ part leaves a bit to be desired.

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Why Does Internet Explorer Have an Animated Mascot?

OK, all jokes aside, Microsoft has been making a big push of it’s Internet Explorer browser as of late for no particular reason other than it can. While it’s running TV commercials here in the US aimed at convincing consumers that IE really is a better browser, over in Asia, it’s taking a different tack and given it a mascot instead.

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