Illumination Goes After The Cat in the Hat

So it comes as no surprise whatsoever to learn that Illumination Entertainment is working on a CGI version of the Cat in the Hat. They’ve done quite well with The Lorax, and Illumination’s Chris Melendandri also oversaw Horton Hears A Who while previously at FOX.

This is good news and bad news all rolled into one. Yes, Illumination has done a great job on its recent films, but is really necessary to have another go at The Cat in the Hat?

OK, in fairness, there was that terrible effort with Mike Myers from a few years ago that you knew was doomed to fail the second you saw how all the vehicles were thinly¬†disguised¬†Fords. If such blatant paid product placement isn’t a dead ringer for a wonky movie, I don’t know what is.

Back to the point, yes, Dr. Seuss’ films make great animated films, but are they just getting rehashed at this point? Illumination have proven themselves with not one but two really good original films that they’ve been able to crank out for much less than Pixar or even DreamWorks could ever hope to.

So is it simply a case of certainty? Of going with what you know? Or is it that they really want to make a good Cat in the Hat move.

I’m going to go with the former. If the Deadline Hollywood is anything to go by (and to be honest, I take it with a pinch of salt myself), we’ll see Dr. Seuss films from now until the end of time. I just wish more emphasis was placed on original ideas. I mean, if you’re risking $70 million on a film you might as well go original. It’s not like you’re dumping $250 million and the kid’s college fund on an unknown entity. If you can find a great idea and a good team with a great track record, you should have no problems with an original idea.

Keep Dr. Seuss alive, but don’t turn him into a horse to flog for the sake of flogging.