Character Sundays: Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster is the most instantly recognizable character from the original Rugrats. Wild, untamed red hair, glasses and a distinct, congested nasal voice single him out amongst the others. However it is much more than looks that sets Chuckie apart.

On a character level, he is also the most nervous, the most risk-averse and the most timid; traits that Angelica is only too eager to exploit throughout the series.

Chuckie is a complex character in the greatest sense. In other words, we don’t really know why he is the way he is, he just is. That’s what makes hims rather likeable, he comes across as quite a “real” character.

While the nature of the Rugrats’ adventures isn’t overly complex (it is a kid’s show afterall), Chuckie is almost always present to provide the necessary depth and voice of reason. Although this could easily be written off as the unnecessary inclusion of a timid character, the show does utilise the fact quite often; with many storylines involving Chuckie overcoming one of his many fears or succeeding despite his doubts.