Yes, They Somehow Placed A Mazda Into The Lorax

Soooo, you remember when I discussed the “green” marketing for The Lorax? You don’t? It was only last wee…. oh never mind, how about this video below then? Yes, it’s The Lorax, with……a Mazda! And this is much more than a commercial, for, according to Autoblog, the CX-5 has a starring role in the […]

Today’s Post Brought to You By Glagnar’s Human Rinds

Yes, the title is a reference to Futurama, as the image above implies. Here’s a question for you to ponder: live-action films are stuffed to the gills with advertising, so much so, that each crew normally includes a person whose sole job is to ensure that no brand makes they’re way into a film unless […]