4 Steps to Saving Old Cartoons With The Internet

Last week, Jerry Beck over at Cartoon Brew lamented the disappearance of old cartoons from the public airwaves. He’s right too, the broadcast of all the old favourites isn’t near as frequent as they used to be in the past. The reason is absurdly simple; back in the day there was a need for programming, […]

Favourite Cartoons Described In A Single Sentance

Spotted on Tumblr today is this list of popular cartoons by Aisha Thani who reduced their descriptions to a single line. South Park: Four friends try to ignore the fact that 1 of them is a dangerous psychopath by swearing a lot and learning stuff Camp Lazlo: A happy monkey ruins camp for everyone by […]

Should You Trust The Mainstream Media When It Comes To Animation?

┬áVia: Times Union Online The quick and dirty answer is no, you shouldn’t. Over the years, I’ve found that animation is, in fact, located in quite a niche of the media and entertainment landscape. Plenty of people know what it is, they can name their favourite examples and they can also rattle off a few […]

Follow-up: 80s British Cartoons That Americans Missed (Or Not)

Chris Sobiniek was kind enough to write in to fill in some background information on my recent post about 80s British cartoons that I thought never made it across the Pond. Lo and behold, some of them actually did! Below is what was sent over detailing where and when they made it on the air. […]

British Cartoons From the 80s that Americans Sadly Missed

I suppose it’s a sign that I can safely say I remember a time when there wasn’t 24 hour cartoon channels. Yes, I am a child of the 1980s, and I have very fond memories of not only watching cartoons, but waiting for cartoons to come on. Anyway, here’s a couple of my favourites that […]

What Makes A Strong Female Character?

It’s no secret (or maybe it is) that I find much to celebrate in female characters, especially lead female protagonists who are also strong female characters. There is much to commend a show with a female lead, especially one that does not pander to traditional ‘girly’ notions. Which is important to note because there is […]

Were the 1980s the Golden Age for Girl Cartoons?

Over at Fanboy.com they have a post that counts down some of the top (in their opinion) girl oriented cartoons of the 1980s, the supposed golden age for the genre. The list includes the likes of: She-Ra Strawberry Shortcake Punky Brewster My Little Pony Jem Gummi Bears Care Bears While it is admirable that such […]

Do Cartoon Characters Work Their Way Into Your Life?

Via: Cartoon Brew While reading Amid’s post about the upcoming exhibition of so-called street art at MOCA in Los Angeles, a thought occurred to me. Is there a reason why there is animation in it at all? What I mean is that, why on earth would such street artists choose to use animated characters? As […]

Ten Rock Solid Reasons To Read Floyd Norman’s Blog Every Day

Floyd’s been around a while, so he knows just about everything there is to know about animation. His Disney knowledge is exquisite and magnificent in it’s depth and detail. He keeps things short and sweet but never skimps on the details. He has plenty of stories to tell about the old days, which make for […]

It’s Comic and Cartoon Time This Weekend in NYC!

Via: MoCCA Starting tomorrow at 9am and continuing through till Sunday evening, the Lexington Ave Armory in New York City will pay host to the annual festival of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, better known as MoCCA. I’ve never been before, but from listening (and eavesdropping) on twitter, it seems like its going […]

The Mythical Banned Episode

Via: The Golem Universe During a quick perusal of my favourite bookmarks this morning before I began typing this, I read a remarkable post over on Fred Seibert’s Blog concerning a “banned” episode of the hit show Dexter’s Laboratory. Apparently even Fred didn’t know about it, so he called up the one and only Genndy […]