The Wall Street Journal on The War Between Disney and Nickelodeon Over Pre-Schoolers

Good WSJ analysis on the turf war between Nickelodeon and Disney in US (Dora has grossed $11Billion to date!!!) — Cathal Gaffney (@cathal_gaffney) November 8, 2010 Thanks to Cathal Gaffney for tweeting this interesting article from the Wall Street Journal. You might want to grab a cup of tea (or coffee) before you read […]

The Live-Action Version of the Failry OddParents

The Fairly OddParents is a show we all know and love. Not only has it lasted a heck of a long time on Nickelodeon, it also proved to be pretty popular with grown-ups to boot. I myself used to try and get home from college a wee bit earlier on Thursday afternoons to catch it […]

Lead Female Protagonists in Mainstream US Animation

Animated TV programmes with female lead characters. Are they a rare occurrence? Certainly when compared to the numbers with male lead characters. Now, I’m not saying that females are underrepresented in animation, there are plenty of female characters, however, more often than not, they are not the main protagonist or are part of a group. […]