8 Great Animation-Related Subreddits

You’ve probably heard of Reddit, you know, that pretty cool website that aggregates stuff people find on the internet? Yes, that one! One of the best parts about it is that there are threads or subreddits devoted to specific topics. Animation is no exception with more than a few ranging from the general to the quite specifc. Check out these 8 below and don’t forget to follow me to see what I’m reading.

PS. Yes, there are tons of subreddits devoted to individual shows like The Simpsons, King of the HillAdventure Time and [of course] My Little Pony but I’m excluding those on the basis that I could list far more of those than this post could handle. Do visit them though and check out the links to other shows’ subreddits in their sidebars.

/r/animation – Your catch-all subreddit dedication to animation. Full of trailers, stills, tutorials, articles, you name it.

/r/anime – 51,000+ readers makes for a pretty big community

/r/computergraphics – Just like /r/animation, but for CGI and VFX!

/r/disney – Kinda obvious this one. Plenty of choice for everyone, from the films, the characters to the resorts.

/r/freeanimation – You know the Tube Open Movie project? It’s not the only example. A great subreddit in need of a bit of love at the moment.

/r/studioghibli – Lots of Studio Ghibli-related stuff here (as you would expect)

/r/stop_motion – The place for all things stop-motion. Plenty of shorts to enjoy too!

/r/thelastairbender – An exception to the above rule because its more than just a subreddit filled with screencaps and fan art. There’s lots of discussion about the characters and the universe that keeps things interesting. Also benefits from having two shows to talk about.

Do you know any more? Please add them in the comments!

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