Walt Disney World Abandoned? Surely not!

Via: Dark Roasted Blend

Ah but there must be some long lost corner of the Disney empire that has seen better days, right? As it turns out, there’s more than one!

I’m quite fascinated by abandoned buildings and the like, simply because they’re cool to look at and to see what happens after they’re outlived their useful life or are left for nature to reclaim.

Even so, I was quite surprised, shocked even, to come across  a post over at Dark Roasted Blend that purported to catalogue more than one location in the greater Walt Disney World resort that have seen better days.

The areas a group of Floridian urban explorers managed to access included:

  • Discovery Island
  • Imageworks (in EPCOT)
  • The “Pop Century Resort Hotel” erstwhile the oon to open “Art of Animation Hotel”
  • River Country Water park
  • An EPCOT tunnel
  • A former AT&T exhibit

The image at the top is by far just a teaser, you’ll really want to click through to see the entire set. It really is eerie to know that for all the glossy, perfect image that Disney represents, there are more than a few dark corners hidden away from the public. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just seems to suggest a dark undertone (downright scary if you read the part about the amoebas) to an otherwise wonderful resort.

Perhaps the best part? This is only part 1…

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