American 3D Audiences Have It Lucky

Not animation-related per se, but relevant to movie-going nonethless. While over beyond, we went to see the last installment of the Harry Potter series. While the film was awesome, the presentation was not. The reason? It’s all about the goggles.

Below are the Dolby goggles we were handed for the presentation.

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Below is the warning printed on the side. Yes, you’re 3D surcharge doesn’t seem to cover the goggles and there are shoplifter-like security gates at the cinema to ensure that you don’t “accidentally” take them home with you.

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My real beef though, is how they sat on my face (not very well and after half an hour, my ears were killing me) and the fact that they are not nearly as large as the ones offered by RealD, which at least have lenses large enough to cover most prescription glasses.

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So all in all, it was by far my worst 3D experience to date. It just proves how poorly managed the  gimmick is but as bad as it is here in the US, there are those that have it much worse.

4 thoughts on “American 3D Audiences Have It Lucky

  • Those glasses don’t sound very useful. But we Americans don’t have it as good as you think (at least to me). I saw the Harry Potter movie this past weekend, and the dark 3D glasses made the movie look darker than it already was. And this movie was dark, both figuratively and literally.

  • Ah, but if you had gone to the cinema in Dublin you would have gotten the RealD glasses – and you can bring them home too

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