Weekly Weblink: Shane Glines’ Cartoon Retro

I’ve decided that from now on, Saturday is going to be a link-sharing day. I have literally hundreds of links residing in my bookmarks folder and my RSS reader and it would be a great shame to keep them all for myself.

This new series of posts will most likely supersede the “Anomaly Approved” series because they take so long to do and it has been increasingly difficult to find the extended amount of time it takes to put one together. So form now on, if I recommend you visit a blog, it’s because I read it myself and therefore approve of it wholeheartedly!

Without further adieu, the first in this new series is the blog, Cartoon Retro, of Shane Glines. Besides posting work in that imitable style of his, there are also plenty of old comics to be found that Shane thinks represent the best when it comes to poses and drawing skill; a veritable treasure trove for fans of the old classics.

Although the posts are infrequent, the wait is always worth it. I also highly recommend checking out Glines’ website that has more of a portfolio emphasis which you will undoubtedly want to take time perusing.

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