The Start of a New Year

After an all too brief holiday, it’s back to the grindstone this morning with 5lbs and some change being the price I paid for a week of relaxation. Thankfully, it was well and truly enjoyed, hopefully, you had some time off too.

The start of a new year brings a lot of hope and anticipation from everyone along with their desires to see a joyous and happy year. I am no exception, of course, with lots of hope for the animation scene this year. For one, we have a host of films slated for release this year with a ratio of good to bad that looks about the same as last year.

We also have the Annie Awards scheduled for February 5th and the 83rd Academy Awards following on February 27th. With 2010 being such a banner year, both these ceremonies and their requisite nominees promise to provide much debate in both the run-up and aftermath.

Besides the theatrical film, there will also be plenty of shorts and tons of books coming out this year. I have no info on either, but suffice to say, we are unlikely to be disappointed.

There is much to look forward to, but this is the first day back at work (and at the gym at 5am for that matter) so that’s just about all I am able to write for now. Tomorrow, we’ll return properly to your regularly scheduled programming.

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