A Crazy Idea: Cartoon Shorts on Mobile Phones

What if there was a service (app, website, etc.) that allowed you to watch some classic animated shorts on your mobile phone?

I think it would be a great idea! Being in and around the 6 minute mark, such shorts would be perfect for watching on a mobile device. Imagine being able to blow off steam from work with some Tom & Jerry on the train home? I’d do it.

OK, granted, you can already do that thanks to the power of YouTube and the like, but you have to search and organize the content yourself. Why not be able to, say, search for all Chuck Jone’s Looney Tunes, or say only ones with Porky Pig?

If there’s one thing these short have shown is that they stand up to repeated viewing, by young and old alike. Why not make them more accessible to everyone so they can enjoy them? It might even help increase their popularity among certain demographics who’ve long forgotten them.

Anyways, just a thought.