Fanta Gets Animated for Summer

This summer, Fanta has rolled out a new advertising campaign developed by Ogilvy & Mather . The core of this new campaign is a series of animated ads created by Psyop (hat tip to The Inspiration Room for the details). There are far more than the usual animated series of commercials, and they are at least pleasing to the eye, with some catchy, contemporary music. Will they adhere the audience to Fanta? Perhaps, but its not guaranteed.

The commercials are fun, and they send the message that Fanta is a fun product, but when it comes to drinks, soft drinks especially, you want to give the viewer a solid reason to want the drink. That’s why Gatorade concentrates on sports replenishment and Pepsi Max went for the “no sugar” line. A drink has never been successful just because its “fun”, besides, Fanta isn’t even the best tasting orange soft drink out there (that would be Club Orange).

Either way, here’s the entire series for you to enjoy. 🙂

And perhaps the best of the bunch (that’s actually two years old?):